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After five exciting years of The Academy at True Sanctuary of Praise being in existence, I am even more excited to see what the Lord will reveal for the future. Our Ministry was founded in 2011 and the Academy was founded in 2014. As an educator who is certified in the state of Florida, I understand the importance of giving students the vital skills to be successful in life. I have been blessed to travel the world and dissect different educational systems to see what makes them successful. One of the most important qualities I have found outside of the education material itself is the love for children. I am more concerned about the well-being of the child because if they know I care about them, I will be able to reach them when others cannot.


We strive to make sure we are individually seeking to reach each child to create and enhance a value system and promote a high learning curve that will set the child on the path for success. Our teachers are not simply instructors in the classroom, but mentors to them as well. Our concept of reaching the whole child is vital to us and the perspective family. We are not interested in how many students we have, but we are driven by the quality of education we are offering our students. If you are seeking a safe and dedicated individuals who are here to advance the future of your child, stop by and see what we have to offer. We use the Abeka Curriculum which is the leading curriculum in Private Schools. We are also Nationally Certified with the National Association of Private Schools. I look forward to meeting you and allowing you to have a peace of mind about your child’s future!

Apostle Dr. D. Perry & Prophetess Dr. E. Perry (Owners)

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Meet Our Administrators and Staff

Ms. Nola.jpeg
Adunola Steen

Director/3rd Grade

Ms. Esther.jpeg
Dr. Esther Perry

Co-Owner/1st & 2nd Grade

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Ms. Aaliyah.jpeg
Henrina Monger

Assistant Director

Ms. Dawn.jpg
Dawn Hefty

Assistant Teacher (1st & 2nd)

Ms. Tanya.jpeg


Willie Steen.jpg
Dr. Dwayne Perry

Owner/4th Grade

Ms. Icy.jpeg
Icyphine Berry


Ms. Dazzy.jpeg


Wendell Williams.jpeg
Wendell Williams

Building Maintenance Mgr.

Daisy Vasquez
Tanya Valentine


Yolanda Haynes
Aaliyah Taylor


Willie Steen

Bible Teacher

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