• Provide quality education in a safe, secure, happy and healthy environment.

  • Strive for professionalism by providing love, guidance, positive reinforcement, and constant communication to meet the individual needs of every family

  • Partner with families, teachers, staff, and children to promote a love for learning






  • Educate each child by exposing them to the Wisdom of Christ

  • Enhance learning through the use of Creative Curriculum

  • Utilize Developmentally Appropriate Practices

  • Use a positive behavior plan that emphasizes respect and responsibility

  • Include all children so that we function as a family where everyone cares for each other and celebrates each other's successes

  • Build family partnerships and involve the community by holding activities that invite our parents and our community stakeholders to participate

  • Expose children to foreign languages and technology skills

  • Provide children with the foundation needed to buld self-esteem, develop school competence, and reach for higher levels of learning