A Word from Our Director

Adonola Steen, Director

The Academy at True Sanctuary of Praise is going into our second year and we are very grateful for those parents who have entrusted us with your precious jewels! Our goal is to be separated with the Word of God and make sure we meet each students needs individually. We are accredited through the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS) and we utilize the Abeka Curriculum. We have grades K-4. Each year we will increase a grade level. We will never have more than fifteen students in one class. Each class will also have an assistant teacher within the classroom. All of our teachers will be State Certified Teachers or Teachers who have been approved through our NAPS Accreditation process.

The Academy at True Sanctuary of Praise does give National Standardize Testing through the Iowa Testing. We engage in beginning of the year testing and end of the year testing to identify the growth of the students. Our reading program provides exceptional results through Phonics. I am very grateful for the opportunity to see students enter our school who were very low in reading and leave on or above their grade level. The Academy also accepts Step Up For Students Scholarship and the McKay Scholarship. We have proven results with students who have disabilities and their learning success!